Talentscale Onsite Program

The Talentscale Onsite Program (TOP) is an on-site staffing solution designed for clients with larger populations of contingent staff supporting production operations. A carefully selected and qualified Onsite Program Coordinator will be assigned to work at your facility to assist in the management of the contingent workforce. The Onsite Program Coordinator will work in partnership with the client's Human Resources and Production Leadership. The Talentscale Onsite Program helps address many of the responsibilities associated with managing contingent employees once they are onsite, alleviating the client staff from many of the day to day administrative and service related issues which arise with larger contingent employee populations. The Onsite Program Coordinator becomes a key resource with recruiting, on-boarding, employee relations, employee engagement, quality and safety control. The Onsite Program Coordinator is the employees' point of contact for questions related to contract assignment, benefits, policies and procedures. The Talentscale Onsite Program simplifies the staffing process and enables contingent employees to focus on their job. Talentscale’s onsite management of your contingent workforce frees your internal team to focus on what they do best...building your business.

Advantages of the Talentscale Onsite Program (TOP):

  • Dedicated recruiting resource
  • Faster response and resolution of issues
  • Stronger partnership through regular collaboration
  • Improved candidate selection
  • Increased employee engagement ƒƒ
  • Face-to-face employee management ƒƒ
  • Improved retention ƒƒ
  • Increased quality and safety control

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