HR/Compliance & Marketing

Kristin Wolfram

Kristin Wolfram | Director of HR and Compliance

Kristin brings to Talentscale over 10 years of experience providing payroll, accounting, and HR support. Kristin has handled these duties for companies ranging from 25 to over 200 employees. She has a track record of providing the highest quality of employee service and customer support throughout her career.
Kristin is the Director of HR and Compliance for Talentscale and she is responsible for handling many of the company’s back office functions as well as providing operational support for Talentscale. Kristin conducts new hire orientation, payroll administration, benefits administration, and handles employee relations for Talentscale’s workforce. She manages client invoicing, accounts receivable, and accounts payable. Kristin is a Quickbooks specialist and she supports Talentscale’s CFO with maintaining the company’s bookkeeping records.

Brett Poldrugo | Corporate Communications – Marketing & Media

Brett is a graduate from Cal State University Northridge with a BA, with an emphasis on Film Production – Sound Editing. He concurrently worked two jobs in the service industry throughout his college career, while concurrently while as a Full-Time Student.