For Transitioning Veterans

In December of 2013, I left active duty in the United States Army after nine years of Honorable Service. I had two young children, and another on the way and it seemed all I had known for almost a decade was combat, military structure and cohesion. I was excited, and yet very nervous about what lay in store for myself and my family once I was no longer in the military. The options and opportunities seemed endless.


I put a resume together 8-12 months out and began actively applying to hundreds of jobs, but nobody seemed willing to take me seriously because I was still active duty and didn’t have my DD-214 yet. Aside from getting advice on my resume, it became very evident I would pretty much have to wait until I was unemployed to start making much traction on civilian employment. I kept working on it anyway with my family’s livelihood in the balance, with very minimal success. This was quite honestly shocking to me at the time, and unexpected. This was an extremely stressful period on me and my family to say the least.


Talentscale’s mission is to employ Veterans. Additionally, Talentscale has made it a priority to assist transitioning Veterans in achieving a successful transition from active duty to civilian employment within the Aerospace and Defense Industry. 90% of our workforce around the country are Veterans, primarily supporting Aviation Maintenance and Modification programs. We are a free resource, and I do not need your DD-214 to start the process.


Our hope is that we may be able to align an opportunity that matches your qualifications in a location of interest, that makes for a seamless transition to the civilian sector. If you are a transitioning Veteran please fill out the information below, submit your resume, and we will contact you to determine if your experience may be a fit on programs we support.


Wishing you all the best! I look forward to speaking with you!



Jackson Gudel
USA (R) Ranger

Please fill out the form below and we will contact you to determine if your experience may be a fit on programs we support. Thank you.